Bespoke – made for a particular customer or user.

I make socks to order, using measurements you provide to me, to craft a pair of warm, quality socks specific to your unique feet. I use Tasmanian merino wool, with a 30% tussah silk twisted into the yarn for strength. This yarn is spun, twist on twist for durability, in New Zealand and produced by White Gum Wool in Oatlands, Tasmania. I hand crank the bespoke socks on a reproduction Hand Cranked Circular Sock Machine, in Tasmania.

On request, via the contact page, I provide the measurements I’ll need from you to craft well fitting socks. A dressmakers measuring tape will be required. I typically prefer a 2 week turn around to make your socks, to allow for blocking and drying in the Tasmanian winter.

Bespoke, hand cranked and hand finished socks range from $60 – $100 a pair, depending on the length of the sock leg, plus postage. Four colour choices are available and I provide additional yarn for mending as your socks age.

Please contact me through the details on my contact page for more specific information or to place an order. Karen

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